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GSS’s founding members have joint military and security experience spanning over 20 years, with certain members serving internationally in 5 South African Infantry and the Northern Natal Commando (Operations and QRF) for example In addition, members have also worked in countries like Nigeria, West Africa, Holland and Germany serving various oil and gas multi national companies as security advisors as well as running security teams for private establishments in the entertainment industry GSS have been successful with investigations and recoveries when conventional methods were no longer a solution, always keeping the Client’s best interests as a first priority.

GSS are known for their hard-line approach and also for getting positive results.


GSS is a leading provider of security solutions; risk management, crisis response, and operational support services for both private and public sectors. Client industries include hotels, night clubs, restaurants, public events and private individuals. Our company was founded because of the growing need for a professional and credible security company who is both willing and able to tackle the complex issues in today’s ever changing environment.


Our head office is based in Bali, with covers Indonesia. We have a secondary office based in the Western Cape which services South Africa and West Africa.  However this does not restrict our Team from travelling to other parts of the world. In addition we have sub contractors based in Germany, the United Kingdom and the Arab Emirates if immediate response time is required/


Our services are focused and customised around our Client’s needs, requirements and budget. GSS adheres to a strict code of conduct and operates within national and international laws

GSS pride ourselves in delivering services of the highest quality, paying particular attention to surpassing clients’ needs and expectations by producing high-quality outcomes. Communication is a key factor and it is imperative that communication lines with the Client are clear and concise

GSS applies a responsible approach to operations. What makes us unique is that we put a lot of attention to Customer Service, Quality Policy and Procedures and GSS’s Social Responsibility

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